Are The Ones Taking Their Health Seriously The Real Idiots?

Are The Ones Taking Their Health Seriously The Real Idiots?

Health. Let’s talk about health and trust issues. Infact, let’s talk about health, trust issues and idiots. So back to the question “Are the ones taking their health seriously the real idiots?”

Are The Ones Taking Their Health Seriously The Real Idiots?

How do YOU view your health? What is your relationship with your own health? Is it a way of life? A luxury? An effort? Something you take pride in? Do you enjoy investing in your health? Or is it something you don’t even think about?

Well, if you are reading this post then you are at the very least curious about your health – welcome aboard! If you take pride in your health or you are just embarking on your journey I hope to give you some positive food for thought!

Health For Idiots?

Are The Ones Taking Their Health Seriously The Real Idiots?

Do you know anyone who laughs at the notion of investing in their health? Do you know anyone who abuses their body day in and day out, and as a consequence is generally in poor health? Moreover, how do YOU view YOUR health?

I believe that there is not enough “real” education on health and well being in general. Without going into lots of various conspiracy theories of why this may be, it seems that if you really want to be healthy and learn about what is good for you then you must first have the awareness to ask the right questions in the first place. You must figure it out for yourself.

Firstly, in order to learn more you need to know where to look. Secondly, you need to know how to sift through the never ending contradictions you may come across when doing your own research. And last but definitely not least, you need to know what sources and products to trust, and which ones to run for your life from!!!

This leads me to my next point…

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What if you believe you are pro-active about your health? What if you believe that you are looking after your health but are in fact filling it with toxins in disguise? Does that make you an “idiot”?! Hardly, however products that have no integrity and are full of poisons are still just that, and the results of taking them are equal to being the “idiot” that doesn’t take their health seriously at all! In some cases being the person who believes that they are pro active about investing in their health could be worse than the person who does nothing at all! So only settle for the BEST when it comes your health, try not to cut corners!

Trust issues – Health You Can Trust

So the key is health you can trust.

As well as our thoughts, beliefs, habits and physical exercise which contribute towards our mental and physical health, we also need to look at the nutrients we provide our bodies with. So WHAT can you trust to put inside YOUR body?? And WHO can you trust??

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I personally have trust issues with regards to what I eat and what I choose to put inside my body! I’m definitely known as being a really “fussy eater”! I own up to this accusation proudly. I believe in actively being as responsible with my health as I am able to. This means sourcing products that I can rely on, trust in, and believe in.

There are many people and companies out there selling bogus products and laboratory made “superfoods” that are meant to be “good for you”, or products that contain hardly any of the “good stuff”. So again, only settle for the BEST when it comes your health, try not to cut corners!

Is Good Health A Luxury?

Are The Ones Taking Their Health Seriously The Real Idiots?

Hmmmm….Is good health a luxury? A thought provoking question huh? What is luxury to you? There are many ways you could interpret this question, additionally there are many ways of answering it! Overall, I believe that good health provides luxury within itself. Having good health affords me the “luxury” of being able, of the being the best I can be.

Not only does having good health directly influence our mental health, it also influences our quality of life. Consequently, I believe that a good quality of life creates luxury worth investing in. Why not be the best you can be? Why not See what you can achieve when you are at your very best?

Smart Health – Invest in your Well Being

Have you heard the saying, “Look after your body, it’s the only place you have to live”? What does that mean to you? For me it is a loud and clear message about living, being, and harmony. Who want’s to live in a broken and weak body? Surely it makes sense to invest in our health and to nurture it. Furthermore, feeling good is not only a state of mind, it is a state of being. Therefore health should be seen as a lifelong investment, not an expense.

So Are the ones taking their health seriously the real idiots??

Unquestionably, health is a thing, however, health is often overlooked and taken for granted.

Are The Ones Taking Their Health Seriously The Real Idiots?

What about the saying, “make time for your wellness or be forced to make time for your illness”? What do you make of that? For me that’s a powerful one. How we live is what we become. Our habits are a direct reflection of our health. Think about that for a moment. What are YOUR habits and how do they impact YOUR health? What changes can you make to better today than you were yesterday? The choice is yours!

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