Do THIS for Better Hair Nails & Skin

Do THIS for Better Hair Nails & Skin

Do THIS for Better Hair Nails & Skin

It is not just what you put on your body. It makes more sense that it’s also what you put IN your body to get better hair, nails and skin!

On a cellular level, for your cells to function well they need a constant supply of nutrients. Your cells whether they be skin cells or hair cells need oxygen, fluids and nutrients. I have put together a list of recommendations; do this for better hair, nails and skin.


Firstly not enough emphasis is put on oxygen. We all need air to breathe and so does your hair, nails and skin. Furthermore Phlegm and mucus build up in the lungs and air ways can restrict air flow. The better your oxygen intake the healthier your cells are. Optimal cell function is key.

Secondly, exercise; as simple as adding some low impact walking to your daily routine may help to increase lung capacity. Along with increased lung capacity, increased blood flow carrying oxygen to your cells promotes healthier hair, nails and skin.

Finally, demulcent herbs such as Sea Moss and Bladderwrack help to dissolve and reduce phlegm and mucus build up. Reducing restrictions while lining the airways with a soothing gel promotes optimal cell activity.


do this for better hair nails & skin

Most people are not drinking enough water. Being hydrated is very important as 80% of the bodies mass is water. Also fluids are an essential way to get things the body needs into our systems fast. Furthermore fluids also operate as the bodies transport system and osmosis is an important part of the process. Separating toxins from cells in the body involves fluids. Use fluids to evacuate toxins from the body. Fluids are an excellent transport system to get essential vitamins and minerals to cells in the body. The better fed your cells are the better the quality of your skin, hair and nails.


Do THIS for Better Hair Nails & Skin

Finally without a doubt nutrients are paramount. The processes that occur inside a cell and ultimately promote cell health and wellbeing needs nutrients. Obviously I am talking about vitamins and minerals. Not only do vitamins and minerals (essential for many healthy processes in the body), act as the fuel for these important processes but also they help to optimise many other biological processes too. Getting the right combination of these vitamins and minerals for you and your metabolic signature can be difficult. In addition to this, finding reliable sources rich in naturally occurring forms can also be a challenge. I have found a combination of Sea Moss, Shilajit, Camu Camu and Olive Leaf Capsules to be very effective in giving the body the nutrients needed to improve hair, skin and nails. As well as that, having them in an easy and convenient capsule form has been a life saver.

Do THIS for Better Hair Nails & Skin

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