I Took NAD+ and Trans Resveratrol For 90 Days And This Is What Happened

I Took NAD+ and Trans Resveratrol For 90 Days And This Is What Happened

NAD. What is it? NAD is a super potent anti aging ingredient in a pill. NMN is an amazing anti ageing intervention, that is currently under the radar. I didn’t know about NMN until recently. And now YOU know about it too. Lucky you! Here, in this post, is all about me my NMN experience.


I took after NMN for 90 days, and this is what happened!

My 90 Day NAD+ Diary Of Anti Ageing

Taking NAD for the first few weeks

Of course, prior to embarking on my NMN anti ageing journey I did my research! I wanted to know what I was taking, and the science behind it. I was mind blown by the studies and findings of the research of what NMN actually does. I’ll go into that in more detail later. But, for now I can tell you that NMN is rapidly absorbed and converted into NAD+. And NAD+ is all about cellular repair.

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After doing my research, I was even more excited to get started, so I purchased my first supply of NAD from Metasuperfoods. Metasuperfoods is a trustworthy company that I purchase all of my health and skin care supplements from. Because finding trustworthy companies that sell the “real deal” are very hard to come by. And often they only have a tiny amount of what they claim it to be, filling the rest with un natural and sometimes harmful ingredients…which goes against the very reason to be taking supplements in the first place! Rant over.

Back to the NAD.

For the first few weeks I didn’t expect much. Well, you have to give it a chance to do it’s magic after all, right? Although, I admit I did find myself eagerly looking in the mirror each morning!

Taking NAD For The 1st 6-8 Weeks

After taking NAD for around 6-8 weeks consistently, that’s when I started to really see and feel a difference. The thing is to remember that things happen on the inside on a cellular, before you can really “see” it on the outside.

What Did I Notice?

Well, I noticed that my skin had a lovely natural glow to it. It’s as if I’ve been on holiday, minus the sun tan! You’ll see why this is when you read more on the research below.

I should also tell you that after my boyfriend started to notice my glow, he decided to take it too. And after a similar time frame his skin also started to have this really vibrant glow. NOT just my imagination then. Furthermore, I started to get more compliments on how good my skin looked.

What I Noticed After Taking NAD For the first 2-3 Months

WOAH! This stuff is an absolute game changer in a pill, is the conclusion I’ve come to.

Initially, in the first 1-2 months it was all about the vibrant glow I had, and still have. However, around the 2 month mark, maybe sooner, I began to feel different.

Now, for me personally, it wasn’t something I’d expected. Usually, when taking supplements (good ones!) the sensation is more definable. Such as, ” I have more energy and focus”, which is what I get from taking the sea moss and bladderwrack. NMN however, gave me a feeling of “new-ness.” Which is the best way I can describe it! I felt new from the inside out, which makes sense when you read the research and studies behind it.

Not only is my face glowing and vibrant, my whole body is! Even the skin on my hands is glowing, and how often do you notice THAT?


I’ll be honest, NMN has quickly become one of my most favourite “must have” supplements. I refuse to run out of it. It’s now part of my everyday skin and health care regime. I order my NMN from Metasuperfoods, primarily because the company is well known for being genuine, and for selling natural, high quality, products.

Research Behind NAD – The Supplement

So, after sharing some of my personal experience with you, let’s take a closer look at the science behind this incredible anti ageing phenomenon.

NMN is rapidly absorbed and converted into NAD+ when taken orally (such as in a supplement)

But What Is NAD+?

NAD+ holds the keys to our survival. It boosts energy production, and even upregulates cellular repair. If we think about it, ageing has a lot to do with the cells in your body. In which case, it makes sense that NAD+ is vital

I’m not a scientist. But, I believe that my vibrant skin, glowing with vitality, is without a doubt, a bi product of what’s actually happening on a deep cellular level.

Studies have shown that by middle age our NAD+ levels have disintegrated to half that of our youth

The Studies Of NAD & Trans Resveratrol And Age Reversal

As we can see, NAD is powerful stuff!

When family and friends beg me to share my youth and vitality secrets, I tell them that I take NAD supplements


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