I Tried This Natural Colon Cleanse and THIS HAPPENED!

I Tried This Natural Colon Cleanse and THIS HAPPENED!

Colon cleanse laxative uk

Before I tell you my success story, first let me start by telling you WHY I even decided to try these natural colon cleanse in the first place.

Like lot’s of women I was tired of feeling bloated, stodgy and “stuck” in my belly. I believe my diet is reasonable and no matter what I do, or how much I exercise it seems that I just can’t shake off that bloated feeling. Which, of course gets in the way of wearing those pretty dresses. Further more I look at my cute gym wear longing, waiting for the day I have a “flat belly!” in order to get all lycra’d up! And don’t even get me started on bikinis!

So then the thought occurred to me that I should try a natural colon cleanse and attempt to “reset” my tummy. Admittedly, my driving force was to look good naked as well as being able to wear my fitted clothes with confidence.

My thoughts were that if I could get my body to flush itself out, which is what natural detox pills encourage your body to do, then I could restore some kind of balance and harmony to my gut health. Which in turn would help me to look good naked!

Colon Cleanse

Due to all of my driving factors I decided to take Metasuperfoods “15 Day Rapid Colon Detox & Cleanse.” I believe in being careful about what we put inside our bodies, and without a doubt this company has earnt my trust over the years. Not only do I purchase my sea moss supplements from them, I also use their skin care. Their products work wonders!

Having placed my order of the colon cleanse capsules I waited impatiently to get started. Once received I read the instructions and got started. As everyone responds differently to different things I decided that I would take them once and see what happened before continuing.

In my personal experience once did the trick! I encourage anyone taking colon cleanse capsules to take them with caution. I definitely didn’t need to take them any more than once to achieve the desired result, which for me was a big win! When the laxatives kick in you’ll likely need the bathroom a few times, so only having to be near a toilet for a day meant that I could resume my activities without worrying about any “untimely situations!”

So, What Happened?

Having never taken a colon cleanse laxative before I wasn’t sure what to expect. As per the instructions, I was sure to take the pills with food. I did this at around 3pm (at home!)

A few hours went by before I started to feel some tummy action. I didn’t need the bathroom, but I did feel that it wouldn’t be long before I would!

Approximately 4-5 hours later I went to the bathroom, and definitely felt that I had removed a bit of a build up! Then, without taking any further capsules I went to the bathroom 2 more times approximately 2-3 hours apart. Which, to my annoyance, got me out of bed! Note to self – take them in the morning next time!!

The Verdict

I responded quite quickly to the colon cleanse after taking them only once and was quite happy with the results. Because of this I decided that I didn’t need to take any more. I definitely felt lighter, more energized and had a flatter belly. Another win!

Colon cleanse capsules help to remove the waste and toxins from the digestive tract, which can lead to constipation relief, better digestive health. They help to alleviate digestive problems such as bloating, constipation, and gas. Additionally, they improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, resulting in better overall health

Colon cleanse capsules have been known to enhance mental clarity and cognitive function. This is because the removal of toxins from the body and constipation relief can improve blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain

Colon cleanse capsules can aid in weight loss by removing excess waste and toxins from the body. This results in a healthier metabolism and improved digestive function, which can lead to weight loss.  The natural combination of herbal laxative ingredients supports a healthy manageable evacuation of waste and build ups in the digestive system.  The Herbal probiotics restore the natural balance of digestive flora in the body

Would I Take Them Again?

Yes. Now that I know what to expect with my own own bodies response, I know to time it better next time. That includes being sensible and taking them in the morning. Hopefully this will stop the need of the bathroom in the middle of the night! I tell you this to help you avoid making the same mistakes I made!

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