Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Are you looking for more natural and healthy treatments for the menopause? Are you looking for natural ingredients alternative to HRT for the menopause? Yes? Let’s talk. Allow me to introduce you to Sea Moss and also belly dance. Yes, how can these 2 things be of help you may ask? Read on to find out!

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

The menopause affects women in different ways, some of which have an easy ride. However, some women have a particularly hard time.

Symptoms Of The Menopause

Firstly, in order to understand how these two seemingly random things can help you with relief of the menopause, we must first look at what the symptoms of menopause are. Stay with me….I will uncover the reasons as to why sea moss and belly dance may be of use to you shortly!

•Hot flushes
•Night sweats
•Mood swings
•Memory lapses
•Light headedness
•Poor concentration
•Emotional symptoms
•Loss of Libido
•Panic disorders
•Weight gain (May be related to thyroid)
•Muscle tension

How Can Sea Moss and Belly Dance Be Of Benefit As An Alternative To HRT For The Menopause?

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Let’s firstly take a look at sea moss. What is it? sea moss is a natural superfood from the clear and vibrant oceans of the sunny caribbean. Furthermore, sea moss is a caribbean “elixer” that offers a wide array of benefits. Additionally, it should be noted that sea moss contains 92 out of the 107 essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Owing to the wide range of vitamins found in sea moss, it targets many of the symptoms of menopause listed above.

Menopause And Weight Gain And A Natural Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Undoubtably many women are worried about weight gain when they are going through the menopause. The great news is that sea moss contains iodine, DI-Iodothyronine (DIT), Thyroxin (T4) and Tri-iodothyronine (T3). Which, in a nutshell are all related to the thyroid. If you didn’t know, your thyroid helps to regulate your weight.

So How Does Sea Moss Help As An Alternative To HRT For The Menopause?

Because of the vitamins and minerals found in sea moss, such as those listed above, sea moss helps to regulate and balance your thyroids. Which, in turn helps you to regulate your weight.

Sea Moss And your Libido

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Libido. Keeping your libido, sensuality, and sexual desire up may be important to you. Because sea moss is rich in zinc and other minerals that are vital for sexual health, sea moss is great for anyone who desires an increased sex drive, or at the very least doesn’t want to loose it! Furthermore, sea moss contains anti-inflammatory properties, subsequently promoting circulation throughout our entire body including our reproductive organs. All of which is great news for your sex life!

Sea Moss For Anxiety And Depression

Did you know that iron, vitamin B and zinc are also mood boosters and can help with depression? In addition to lots of other vitamins and minerals all of these are also found abundantly within sea moss! Sea moss is not only known for many other health benefits, but also for boosting concentration and focus. Consequently boosting your mood AND your health! And it’s natural! win win!

Belly Dance And The Menopause a Fun And Healthy Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Many women who have taken belly dance classes have shared their success stories with me with regards to dancing whilst going through the menopause. Certainly some of their stories are quite remarkable.

For example, the women I am referring to used belly dance as a natural relief to the menopause. Not only did they share reports of no more reoccurring migraines or headaches, but they also saw improvement in their sleep patterns, managing hot flushes and even experiencing a reduction in them!

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

The very nature of belly dance is healing, I am a strong believer in the power of movement and dancing form the inside out, from the very depths of your being. Not only does belly dance facilitate this, but it also works the muscles in a very unique way, sort of like an internal massage. Unlike other forms of dance or exercise belly dance is an internal and muscular dance full of femininity which is also low impact. Because of this belly dance is a great natural remedy for the menopause.

Belly Dance And The Libido

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

In addition to sea moss and it’s anti inflammatory properties, boosting circulation and libido, belly dance also boosts the libido. Certainly many ladies I have spoken to say that it is “a natural aphrodisiac.” Also, If practiced and taught correctly you engage many deep muscles of the hip including the pelvic floor and various other muscles of the tummy, hips, glutes and back. The movements involve gentle muscular contractions which act like an internal massage, boosting circulation as well as muscle tone.

Menopause and Exercise A Natural Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

As previously discussed, The menopause can cause weight gain. So if you want to stay in shape you need to exercise! Low impact, yet effective exercise may be suitable – hence belly dance.

Exercise also boosts the mood (combating depression), releases endorphins, (your feel good hormones) and that coupled with the very nature of belly dance has amazing effects on the menopause. Exercising and developing your flexibility through belly dancing can effectively tone you up, keep the weight off and reduce the aches and pains of ageing. Maintain your femininity, sensuality, sexuality and health and fitness through the menopause with belly dance!

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause

Breathing exercises in particular belly dance classes offer significant help when applying them to mood swings, anxiety attacks and panic disorders.  Additionally, I have been told by regular class attendees and students that the increase in serotonin and dopamine levels they experience in class reduces the frequency of these episodes. Furthermore, they shared that the benefits of belly dance also improved the quality of their relationships at home, work and with friends and family.

Natural Ingredients Alternative To HRT For The Menopause – Sea Moss And Belly Dance For The Menopause In A Nutshell

Without a doubt sea moss and belly dance is a great combination of natural remedies for the menopause. Sea moss has you covered with a wide range of vitamins and minerals that you put inside the body, and, on the other hand belly dance has you covered for what is released by the body, as well as covering you with the physical benefits that help with the menopause.

So what are you waiting for? try it for yourself!

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