The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise

The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise

Ultimately, what’s the relationship between sea moss and exercise? Do you want to be fitter, healthier, happier and in good shape? Yes? Let’s talk SEA MOSS.

The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise

Discover The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise For Yourself!

OK. In a nutshell I will summarise my experience for you….. After reading this I encourage you to discover the relationship between Sea Moss and exercise for yourself! Firstly, you may be surprised by the results – because a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Secondly, when the 2 are in harmony with each other, you are in harmony. We can live, be and perform at our best in all aspects of our lives, be that in the gym or at home. At work or at play.

The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise

My Disappointing Vitamin And Supplement Revelation

I personally have been on my grind trying to look after my well being for years! I took supplements and the average vitamins every day. Wanting to be the best I could be, I spent a fortune. It also didn’t seem that these supplements were having any positive affects. Subsequently I stopped taking them… And guess what? Nothing changed! Nada! I didn’t feel worse for the fact that I had stopped taking them, in fact, I think I felt better for it!! WHY? Let me share my experience with you….

What I Discovered

The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise

It should be noted after I stopped taking all of these different vitamins claiming their various benefits, which I personally did not receive, I decided to do some research. I discovered that most of the supplements I had been purchasing from the typical local shops were synthetically made. Moreover they were mostly made in laboratories, not from the beauty and health of the world and nature.

Furthermore I found that most were in tablet forms which also consisted of bulking or caking agents and other impurities! I thought that I was pro active with regards to my health. Unintentionally, I’d been cheating myself! I was claiming that “my body is a temple”, yet I was definitely filling it with garbage. So again I researched further, It was then that I learnt about natural superfoods and their endless benefits. This is when I truly became “pro active“, and my exercise, training and overall health drastically improved!

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Diary Of A Health And Fitness Instructor

So now let’s talk about the relationship between Sea Moss and exercise. I am a health, fitness and well being professional. Obviously well being is vital to my job. After all, who wants to learn anything from an unhealthy person?

I absolutely have to be healthy to teach healthy. After I discovered Sea Moss, and the fact that it contains 92 of the 107 essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs, I decided to give it a try.  I noticed a difference in the way I felt immediately! I couldn’t say exactly what to start off with, but I felt better. So I decided to keep a diary. Of course everyone is different, but below is my own personal timeline of my own experiences.

When I decided to write this post I thought about sharing all of the scientific research that I had found, but you can find that for yourself. So I decided to share a nutshell summary of my own personal experience instead.

The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise

After The First 3 Months Of Taking Sea Moss

I felt “different”, more alive. Generally happier. I noticed a difference in my overall well being. My skin looked more radiant. Were my workouts getting easier? Was my training being more effective? Was I getting better results? It certainly felt like it. My body looked better standing naked in front of the mirror!

A rainy, miserable day didn’t seem to have the usual negative impact on my mood. Was I imagining it all? I was eager to find out! (Honestly, looking even better naked was probably the biggest driving force of inspiration at that moment!)

The Relationship Between Sea Moss And Exercise

After 6 Months Of Taking Sea Moss

Definitely looking better naked!! This is likely due to the fact that I’d been very consistent with my workouts, yoga, and training. I didn’t miss a day! With Sea Moss I felt GOOD. I felt energised and fresh. There was definitely more spring in my steps! I now really looked forward to my exercise and training sessions. My drive was on fire! I started to eat more carefully and healthily too. Was this because taking Sea Moss was having a positive ripple affect across all areas of my life?

I felt like I had less “body fat”…I couldn’t grab as much!! (yes another new source of bodily inspiration!) My job is to teach dance, yoga and fitness, to inspire others. I myself felt more inspired, more creative, I had more ideas. I created new things. Definitely feeling better about myself. Do I look different in my photos? Was my immune system stronger? There has been some nasty things going around….but I felt stronger than ever before. 6 Months isn’t long, but I felt a positive impact on my life. I was curious to see what happened next!

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After 9 Months of Taking Sea Moss

I was still taking my treasured Sea Moss and bladderwack capsules. The very act of taking them makes me feel better. Part of my daily regime. I felt like a different person! I’ve developed more muscle definition and nice “cuts”…..(Does Sea Moss eat fat?! who knows but it’s definitely doing SOMETHING!!!!) I can actually see my hamstrings! I look better in leggings… Maybe that’s why I went on a legging shopping spree and spent too much! (Shhh do not tell my boyfriend)….. what?! I was rewarding myself!

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I’ve made more progress with my exercise and training regime in the last 9 months than in the last few years….. I feel like my recovery is quicker, I can push harder. My love for my exercise and training regime grew, no one could tempt me to go to the pub instead! I honour myself more, respect myself more. Love myself more. I used to love having a glass of wine or 2, now I find I’m not that interested anymore. I seem to prefer to have a clear mind and getting “drunk” on all of the exciting things I’ve been doing instead. Way more rewarding.

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Is my attitude different? I’m more consistent in ALL areas of my life. Not one rainy day annoys me anymore. When was the last time I felt ill? I’ve had one or two sniffles here and there, but a cold has never actually took hold of me. And yes…. I look even better naked in my mirror!!!! This is an addictive journey of self discovery I seem to have embarked on. I can’t get enough. What’s next??!

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12 Months Of Taking Sea Moss And Counting

I’m hooked. Life is better. I have now added Sea Moss Gel to my diet. I’m physically and mentally stronger. My immune system must be too. (I haven’t had a bad cold in how long? No idea!)

12 Months Of Sea Moss and Body Changes

I have even less body fat, and feel more agile. I’ve lost water retention within my body….it seems to be on the decline! So does that mean that my lymphatic system is working better? Many people suffer from water retention, it seems more common than I originally thought. ( I actually thought that my “puffyness” was “chubby” fat before, but now the “puffyness” is going too.)

My skin is smooth, vibrant. Speaking of “puffiness” my eyes are less puffy. The whites of my eyes are whiter, my eyes are brighter. I look healthier, my face is slimmer and also less “puffy”.

12 Months Of Sea Moss And My Job

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In my job I’m more creative, inspired, excited. In fact I’ve worked on and developed some amazing projects. My my ideas just keep coming and I love it!

12 Months of Sea moss, Sleep And Fitness

I sleep better. Did you know that sleep, and more importantly a good nights sleep is a vital to your health and fitness regime? Whether or not it’s to do with better sleep, or the holistic mix of Sea Moss benefits, My workouts and training sessions are thriving. I no longer miss a few days here or there. There’s no better feeling than achieving your goals, seeing improvements and making progress. It has a positive knock on effect, making you want even more of the good stuff.

Overall, in my workouts and training I last longer, go harder, and recover quicker. My diet has drastically improved. I’m consistent.

Sea Moss and Consistency

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Consistency is key. With all these awesome and endless benefits and improvements to my body, my life, my attitude and my mental well being, it’s easy to stay focused. Sea Moss seems to have made consistency easy. Sea Moss seems to have made being Pro Active easy. I am consistent when it comes to taking my Sea moss supplements, it’s become a vital part of my daily regime. The rewards are priceless. The rewards are providing me with the drive and excitement to fulfil my potential and push my boundaries. All of this from the beauty of the ocean? Natures gift to us seems to have been at the very least a powerful catalyst for positive change.

So the question is:

WHAT WILL YOU DISCOVER?? I dare you to find out!

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