This Is What Superfoods Should Actually Do!

This Is What Superfoods Should Actually Do!

This Is What Superfoods Should Actually Do!

Make you feel better, boost you immune system and your energy levels, actually improve your health, hair, skin and nails…. This is what superfoods should actually do!!!

I don’t know about you, but when I think about superfoods, or better still if I take superfoods, I kinda want them to actually work. Further more I want to see and feel results. Do you? Below I will share my top 5 Superfoods that I have personally tried and tested and have had real results from!

This Is What Superfoods Should Actually Do!

What should Superfoods actually do?

The problem with many superfood products is that they make a lot of false promises, and moreover are not actually natural. Often they are synthetic or consist of other impurities. Which ultimately goes against the very nature and purpose of taking the superfood in the first place!

If you are like me, you want a genuine superfood, that is real, that is natural and that is actually good for you. Not only do I want to feel the improvements I also want to see the improvements. Moreover, I want to TRUST what I am putting inside my body.

What Makes A “Food” a “Superfood?

For the most part I feel that we all want to look and feel our best all of the time, and why shouldn’t we? Personally I want to feel and look good from the inside out and the outside in. Moreover, I want my body to perform at optimum levels. Obviously you can’t just wish this into existence! We have to actively do something about it. We can start by being aware of what we should or should not take, and what REALLY actually works.

Simply put, a superfood is considered to be a nutrient rich food that is beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

Benefits Of Taking Superfoods

This Is What Superfoods Should Actually Do!

Superfoods should help your body to thrive and help you to perform at your best. Additionally, they should provide you with nutritional content that your body can actually use and synthesise in order to work at optimum levels.

My Top 5 Favourite Superfoods

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Sea Moss:

Sea Moss from the nature of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean! It’s the Caribbean’s ancient secret remedy! I love taking this stuff, it really works. As well as having way less colds, my hair and skin is much nicer. I have more energy and consequently, I feel better and I have more bounce in my step!

The amazing thing about Sea Moss is that it contains a whopping 92 out of the 107 essential nutrients that our bodies need such as Vitamins A,C,D,E,K and B Complex – Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper and Selenium to name a few. In addition to this it also includes sulphur-containing amino acids, such as taurine.

Sea Moss is also great for dieting and boosting your energy levels necessary for activities, focus and can offer extended concentration levels.

The best thing about sea moss is that its 100% natural and fresh from the vibrance of the sunny caribbean!

Types of Sea Moss

There are different types of sea moss, such as; capsules, dried sea moss, sea moss gel, and sea moss powder.

This Is What Superfoods Should Actually Do!

What’s The Difference Between The Different Types Of Sea Moss And Which ones should you take?

Without a doubt, it is important to select the right form of Sea Moss for yourself and your lifestyle, especially due to the way in which you take or prepare the different types of sea moss available.

For example, if you have a hectic and busy lifestyle then Sea Moss & Bladderwrack Capsules are probably your best bet. Simply swallow and go! (With water of course!) The capsules are a potent superfood mix of Sea Moss and Bladderwrack.

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Similarly, the Sea Moss Gel is another simple option. You can add the gel to pretty much anything and it’s virtually tasteless! Because of this, not only is it great to add to drinks, teas, smoothies, but it is a great addition to soups and broths! I personally like to mix it with hot water and honey in the morning to kick start my day with the good stuff. Not only does it make me feel good, it also puts me in the right mindset to continue my day in the way I started it…..healthy!

Multi Use Sea Moss Gel

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Not only can you eat and take the the sea moss gel orally, but you can also use it as a face mask to hydrate and nourish the skin!

Now let’s talk about Sun Dried Sea Moss. Unlike the Sea Moss Gel which comes ready made, this stuff you have to prepare yourself. (You basically turn dry sea moss into gel) This is great if you like spending time in the kitchen! You can make your own gel fresh from scratch! As already discussed you can use it in food, drinks or apply topically as a face mask. Due to the fact that you must prepare this yourself I recommend it for those of you who have time to spend cooking and making things!

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In contrast to the sea moss gel is the sea moss powder. In addition to sea moss, the powder is also mixed with another superfood – Bladderwrack. The powder has an acquired taste to it (if you like to “know what you are taking” this is a good option!) The powder can be used in drinks, teas, smoothies soups and broths. Both the gel and the powder act as thickening agents, which is great for making soups. As an example of how to use the powder – I love to sprinkle the powder on top of avacodo and cheese on toast! Delicious!

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How many of you have been holiday and vitamin D deprived?! Without a doubt, due to the crazy world we live in I believe it is safe to say that many of us have not seen much sunshine or much of the outdoors recently! Consequently many of us are vitamin D deficient. I started taking this particular mix of Camu Camu and vitamin D for precisely this reason. Furthermore I wanted to keep my immune system as strong as possible, hence my decision to take Camu Camu.


Camu Camu is a natural source of high potency vitamin C, a natural way to boost your immune system with nutritious ingredients.

Olive Leaf Superfood Capsule Supplement!

An ancient Mediterranean health secret! Olive Leaf is similar to olive oil but with ALL the FIBRE. As well as it’s fibrous content, Olive Leaf is also great for  CARDIOVASCULAR health and IMMUNE support. Additionally it promotes healthy hair, nails and skin, which is something we all want, right?

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Dandelion and Burdock Capsule Supplement

Dandelion and Burdock is another relatively “secret” superfood (or at least at the time of writing it is!) It’s like a “secret club” superfood! So let’s talk a bit about about it….

BURDOCK root also known as niúbàng and gobō. It CONTAINS MULTIPLE types of powerful ANTIOXIDANTS including quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids. Additionally a really cool aspect of Burdock is that it PURIFIES the blood and has potent inhibitory effects.

As a consequence of this burdock root effectively DETOXIFIES BLOOD and promotes INCREASED CIRCULATION. Leading to promotion of healthy liver function while adding to your fibre intake.

Now for the DANDELION which is also know as Pu Gong Ying. Firstly, Dandelion is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. It also contains vitamin E, folate and other B vitamins.

Secondly, Dandelion provides a substantial amount of several minerals, including iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.  The root of the dandelion is rich in the carbohydrate inulin, which is a type of soluble fibre found in plants that support the growth and maintenance of a healthy bacterial flora in your intestinal tract

Thirdly, and quite amazingly Dandelion and burdock can help with the all annoying and problematic issues of WATER RETENTION, Upset stomachs and bloating. These things can be common if your natural good bacterial flora is unbalanced.

This Is What Superfoods Should Actually Do!

Dandelion and Burdock for Water retention, Gout And Stomach conditions

Dandelion & Burdock root has long been used to treat gout, fluid retention and stomach conditions. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the root can help resolve issues and reduce inflammation of glands and stomach conditions.

I love this product because its a perfect blend of both Dandelion and Burdock in 1 capsule!

And Last But Not Least Is Shilajit

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Simply put Shilajit is the Sea moss of the mountains!

Shilajit is good for boosting your energy levels that are in turn necessary to fight illnesses, tiredness, chronic fatigue and weakness. Furthermore, shiliajit is also a strong antioxidant and has anti inflammatory properties. It is well known that free radicals and cellular damage can cause many serious things within the body.  Finding something that can fight these effects that also result in unnecessary premature ageing is important. This is where superfoods such as Shilajit, Camu Camu, Sea Moss, olive leaf and Dandelion and Burdock come in.

Shilajit has been a tradition of ancient Ayurvedic medical practices, which is one of the oldest holistic healing systems developed more than 3000 years ago. Ironically, we always find ourselves rediscovering good old reliable herbal solutions which are always ahead of the modern synthetic ones!

So back to the question? What should superfoods actually do?

In short and in my opinion, a superfood should be natural and provide the body with effective nutrients. A superfood should improve your health and wellbeing, boost your immune system and increase your focus and energy levels. As a consequence it should support healthy skin, hair and nails….And most importantly it should ACTUALLY WORK!

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