The Perfect Caribbean Mango And Sea Moss Smoothie

The perfect Caribbean mango and sea moss smoothie always go down well anytime. Smoothie’s are a great opportunity to get your all your vitamins and minerals in one delicious drink.

First of all, the magic is in the mango.


2 medium mangoes

1 avocado

500ml of orange juice

1/2 small lime

4 ice cubes

1 teaspoon of sea moss and bladderwrack powder or 1 dessert spoon of Sea Moss Gel

1 dessert spoon of mango jelly or jam (optional: sugar free)

A blender, food processor or hand whisk


Cut the mango down either side of the stone and then cut the flesh into chunks.

Put the mango in the freezer to chill until frozen.

Cut the avocado down either side of the stone separate the two halves of avocado. Remove the stone and scoop out the avocado flesh.

Squeeze half a lime into the orange juice.

When the mango is frozen, remove from the freezer and add to a blender along with all the other ingredients.

Blend until smooth and thick then serve If too thick, add water.

The perfect Caribbean mango and sea moss smoothie. Store in the refrigerator and use the day you make it.

Nutritional Value:

kcal 127, fat 2g, saturates 0g, carbs 16g, sugars 18g, fibre 6g, protein 1g, salt 0.04g

Welcome to the Sea Moss family!


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