Spinach Sea Moss Smoothie

A Spinach Sea Moss Smoothie is a great way to blast yourself with health and energy because we can all do with a daily boost. It is also very simple to make! The “Earthy” colour and texture of this spinach sea moss smoothie will leave everybody green with envy while you boost your focus and energy levels.

This spinach sea moss smoothie is easy to put into a daily routine. With this superfood beverage, focus and fatigue are a thing of the past. Whether a boost before exercise, work or relaxing around the house, because all these ingredients are combined with the super nutrition of 97 vitamins and minerals from the highest quality sea moss and bladderwrack, your daily routines will be super charged.


Half cup of unsweetened Almond milk (or water, or dairy)

A cup of chopped spinach (fresh or frozen)

1 medium banana

A medium sized avocado

1/4 medium sized cucumber

1 dessert spoon of Sea Moss Gel or 2 teaspoons of sea moss and bladderwrack powder

A teaspoon of crushed almonds

2 teaspoons of honey


Cut the avocado 🥑 down the middle, separate and remove the stone. Scoop out the flesh.

Chop the cucumber into smaller manageable slices.

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add water, apple juice or orange juice to water it down if it is too thick.


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